Branded Content is one of the most effective techniques to connect with your audience in a market so saturated with information and content. Nowadays and as a consequence of the new digital platforms, users are flooded with information and ads all the time, so many even resort to an ad blocker to try to temper this avalanche.


Brands have long ceased to be a simple speaker offering products or services to become active content creators. And it is in this paradigm shift when Branded Content arises, which consists of generating content linked to a brand that allows it to connect with its target audience. In this way, the tool becomes a very useful part of an Inbound Marketing strategy.


It is specially designed to convey emotions, values and ways of thinking normally less tangible, with a great storytelling base with which it is able to generate that connection with the audience. The objective of this tool is to generate notoriety and branding without directly selling your product or service.


Here are the main advantages advantages for your brand:

  1. Generate emotional connection: the best Branded Content practices are those capable of telling stories that move and touch the audience. This feeling that we have shared will be associated with our brand image, and it will be much easier for users to recognize us among the competition.
  2. Non-invasive: conventional advertising is increasingly rejected by audiences, as it can be perceived as aggressive and frustrating. Branded Content, on the other hand, attracts the public in a natural and organic way, encouraging them to establish the first contact.
  3. Generate engagement: one of the expected results of Branded Content is to provoke responses and interaction from the audience. In this way we get our target audience involved with our brand at a deeper level.
  4. Viralization potential: the large number of formats available to carry out this tool is one of the reasons for its effectiveness. It can be presented in formats that are very attractive to the audience and, since it can be disseminated through social networks, it is very likely that users will be encouraged to share it, making it go viral.
  5. Good brand positioning: as we have already mentioned, this content must have a very good storytelling base, so that it represents the brand’s values. This way, our audience will be able to remember our features more easily and position our brand positively.


If you create a good Branded Content strategy, it will become your best ally to appeal to the public and mark their lives forever.