It is important to define an advertising strategy, since this determines the objective that the company wants to achieve through advertising. Without a strategy, it is impossible to determine how the goal will be achieved, as well as to plan current and future actions, but how to structure a strategy?


A strategy starts with a previous analysis of the current situation of the company, its competitors, objectives, target, existing problems and to know what the company needs. A clear brief is the first step in structuring the strategic plan and a counter-briefing is always necessary to be clear about the information provided by the client on specific points.


How to define my strategy?


Once you have structured what the company needs, defining a territory is very important and will help you develop a strategy. Some examples of territory could be: Health, food, education, animal care, entertainment, etc.


If you have defined your territory, structuring the strategic axes will be easier. Creativity plays a very important role and the territory does not depend on the kind of company you run. A healthcare company can use an educational territory and its strategy can be linked to that. Do you follow us?


Only a well-designed advertising strategy can guarantee a business an increase in brand awareness and in the level of trust of potential customers, resulting in increased profits.


What are the objectives of an advertising strategy?


The main objective of advertising strategies is to generate notoriety to promote the consumption of a brand, product or service by means of an action plan, which is distributed in the different communication channels according to the strategy structure. There are specific objectives that help us in this process.


1-Inform about our product

The audience is the main consumer of our business and it is important to communicate about the existence of our products or services.


2.-Disseminating a brand image


The image we transmit has to cause an impact and be easily retained in the mind of the viewers, that is why it is very important how the image is communicated.


3.- Generate buying interest or leads


The purpose of an advertising strategy is to generate buying interest, so it is important to keep track of the growth we have and how the strategy is progressing.


Important steps not to forget


These 3 steps are the last, but no less important. Once the entire strategy has been executed, it is important to define the creative part and develop mock-ups of what the final results of the design proposal will look like, whether offline or online.


Establish a budget

The numbers will always help us to create a realistic scenario about the campaign proposal and strategy.


2.-Gantt Schedule


It will help us to visualize and establish the timing of the campaign execution.


3.-Evaluation of results


It is important to structure the metrics to be measured according to the different channels of action. This allows us to closely analyze the results we are obtaining.

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