Today we bring you a top 10 very important for us and for you too, the trends that will mark this 2019 new lines, which oddly enough take us back to the past, because as in fashion, what was a trend years ago, is now back with a twist.

Here we will show you the web design techniques and tools that will define web design and digital products in 2019.


1. Glitch design, retro is back

No list of trends would be complete without some sort of retro design making a comeback. In the case of Glitch Art, retro is wrong, those moments when a crumpled film or a slow dial-up connection makes for a distorted, yet startling image.

We fear that machines will take over, but we also don’t know what we would do without them. Therefore, the deployment of technology makes it an attractive subject both as an idea and in its design execution, where it can draw the viewer’s attention to those parts of the site that are warped, double-exposed and flawed. It’s a strange, futuristic time we live in, and no one is quite sure where it’s all headed. Glitch design amplifies this feeling of disorientation by giving websites a distinctly psychedelic look and feel.

2. Overlap, Overlap as much as you can!

It is a choice that emits values from the Gestalt psychology of common regions. We look at the symmetrical overlays, the delicacy of them and the elements that are part of a connection between 2 adjoining layers, always looking for that broken but united image, linking in a delicate and minimalist way.

In 2018 we were already starting to see these types of effects but in 2019 we expect to see many more explorations of ways to establish the connection.



3. More web illustrations, different and unique

There are many ways to dress a website, and one of the most used is generating illustrations to create icons of services, yes, increasingly customers saw more impersonal focus on this type of resource focusing only on icons, so for some products that had a target they wanted to reach in a more personal and close way they would begin to consider the option of implementing more personalized illustrations, with a modern, minimalist, clean or organic style, grunnge, casual….all this to make their product look more unique and differential.

This trend, at least from Several, we don’t just want to see it this 2019, we want it to stay!


4. Use the serif! it’s our friend!

We’ve all heard the rule that “Serif” is for print and “Sans Serif” is for the screen. But what are the design trends, if not to give a bit of a jolt to convention?

While sans serifs with its clean legibility, is still ideal for longer pieces of writing on a website, more and more brands are turning to bold serifs in other aspects of their designs, such as headers and callouts. There is a good reason for this: serifs were designed to be decorative, which makes them perfect for standing out.

And although serifs are often associated with the past, they have a lot of character and are more adaptable than you might think. Take, for example, the round toppers that are part of Mailchimp‘s cheerful branding. Or the wedge rivets and bold strokes that create a modern look for



5. The continued rise of Brutalist Design.

It was on our minds last year, and it’s doing it again this year:

The future will be brutal.

(Too real? I know. I’m sorry.)

Brutalism is a trend in web design and there seems to be something particularly appealing about the straightforward aesthetics of brutalism these days. Whether it’s a natural pendulum swing away from the “clean” and “minimalist” style that recently dominated the web, a rejection of the friendliness of a million brands’ voices and illustrations, a middle finger in the face of the so-called “One Homogeneous Web,” or an act of resistance to the increasingly surreal combination of fact and fiction that the web exposes us to on a daily basis: there’s no denying that brutalism has emerged from the design subculture and into the brand spotlight.

Need examples? Here they go




6. Black and White never went away

Color is one of the most important elements in a website. Cultivate an environment, unify a brand and guide users through an interface by creating visual landmarks. But for 2019, we’re seeing black and white web designs that leave us overwhelmed.

Color is literally the way we see the world when particles of light are absorbed. When color is missing, we begin to see the world differently: textures and shapes become clearer and the world seems noticeably slower.

White alone is clean and reserved, while black is strong and assertive. Combine these and you will get an amazing look.

Ironically, the greatest effect that black and white designs can have is their combination with minimal amounts of color. Adding an accent color will not only break up the sea of monochrome but will make points of interest and CTAs pop.



7. Micro-interactions

Micro interactions are elements with a purpose: to surprise the user and create a reaction that is engaging and human. Every time you perform a small action on a website or application and there is a specific response, it is a micro-interaction. When you refresh a Twitter page and hear a beep, this is a micro-interaction. Or when you check Facebook, the red icon showing your message account is, you guessed it, a micro-interaction.

These have been the most common uses of them, but in 2019, websites will largely showcase their more interactive incarnations. Hover and scrolling animations, chimes, and much more. Ultimately, this is a way to engage your audience on your website, subtly convey information to users about their actions and usage, and make web pages feel a little smarter.



8. Chatbots Evolve!

Chatbots have been on the rise for a while now, but they will finally move into the spotlight in 2019. This is mainly due to advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, making them smarter and more efficient.

The new chatbots will increasingly show up on web pages with higher levels of personalization than we have seen in previous iterations. Bright colors will make them not only more prominent on the page but also more attractive. We can also predict an influx of friendly pets to represent brands and give these bots a friendly face.



9. Minimalist Web Design

Si….lo se lo se…pero por eso lo dejé en los últimos puestos, esto siempre está de moda, sólo varía la forma de implementarlo, por ello como para nosotros no es un impacto tan diferente lo hemos puesto tanto este como el siguiente, en los últimos puestos.

This is perhaps one of the most classic and timeless web design trends, minimalism is often the aesthetic of choice. The fewer elements and content on a website, the less the audience has to think about. If a website is designed in the right way, it will show the user exactly what they are looking for.

Minimalism will continue to dominate the digital landscape in 2019. Animations and fade effects that make scrolling more appealing will give web pages the freedom to space out their content and therefore result in more white space, contrast and clear typography without too many distracting elements.


10. More and more backgrounds with VIDEO

This is nothing new, as we have said before. Video not only diversifies the page but also addresses an audience on the go that doesn’t have time to scan a large amount of text.

What is new is the move Google has made toward mixed search results, with video content over standard web pages. This has led websites to prioritize the production of videos so that they can be easily searchable and deliver content in the most efficient and compliant manner.



And now it’s time to Look to the future to find out if the 2019 web design trends we’ve listed will remain, go away or…evolve.

Well with all this concludes this exciting post which we have tried to filter as much as possible what will be trending this 2019 and what of course was already grazing since 2018. Surely this year will be full of surprises and we will try to be very attentive to show them to you.

And one more thing! don’t forget to take a look at our work, you will surely find some more inspiration there too!

Big hugs and happy whatever!