The best WordPress hosting is for users who want to create a website through CMS which is the most popular platform for websites. Most of the time, blogs and large information resources are based on it.


There are several hostings that provide wordpress hosting, it can be overwhelming to see the amount of options available, just like choosing one of the best website builders or the best WordPress website builders.


If you’re not careful or don’t know what to look for, it can make a difficult choice even more difficult. However, we are here to help you. Our advice is to look for specialized tools and features, such as a WordPress optimized framework, integrations with specialized site builders and plugins.


What is hosting?

Hosting is when a hosting provider allocates space for your website on a server. In fact, all of your site’s files are stored here.

When someone enters your domain name, the server hosting your web site sends files to the user.

There are a lot of web hosting providers for WordPress sites competing for your attention. But remember that it is better to have professional hosting and expert advice.


How to know if a hosting service is good?


The best way to choose your website hosting service is to pay attention to these 4 important factors:


  • Speed: server loading speed must be less than 300 ms.
  • Uptime: a reliable hosting service will have at least 99% uptime.
  • Customer support: for help with WordPress related questions
  • Your needs: the hosting service must be adapted to the size and type of your company.

Top 3 WordPress Hosting Services 2022


1.- Kinsta


It has somewhat less market trajectory than its most direct competitor, Siteground, but Kinsta has been able to use its strengths as an advanced WordPress hosting and is now well positioned among the best.


It offers specific plans for agencies, enterprises, subscription sites, Woocommerce, e-learning or LMS sites, SMEs, and other options. We could say that it has the most niche-specific offer of all the comparison we are looking at.


Some of the most powerful features they have are: Unlimited CDN, Nginx, daily automatic backups, round-the-clock technical support, latest PHP versions available.

In addition, it works with isolated software containers, so the resources of each website are individual to that site and, moreover, scalable in an unlimited way. In case the site grows.




2.- Raiola Networks


Raiola Networks is one of the fastest growing Spanish hosting providers, this is thanks to the improvements they have made over the last few years, making their servers more powerful and efficient. On their website you can find a section dedicated to WordPress, with competitive prices and good hosting features for your website.

Raiola Networks - Logo

3.- Webempresa


Perfect for users looking for a simple, powerful and easy to use hosting. They have SSD storage that will ensure pages load fast, a very good support team through tickets, a forum with lots of updated information for WordPress that can be very useful for all kinds of users and they offer free SSL certificates to easily install on all your websites.

Webempresa - Logo



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