Many times, choosing a bottle of wine can be complicated. Especially for those of us who are not very knowledgeable on the subject, when it comes to choosing a wine, our choice is mainly based on the label. In fact, according to’s survey of 2,000 people, when asked to choose between 3 bottles of wine by showing them a picture only, 80% said their decision was based on the label.


There has been a surprising change in recent years when it comes to wine label design. They used to maintain a classic French and elegant style, with mostly typographic compositions that sometimes incorporated stamps or engravings. However, today there are endless possibilities to make your wine stand out from the competition and attract the attention of consumers. But not only that; it is key to present your wine in its best clothes and tell a story to catch the audience and make them want to try it.


What is the trend now?

Although the dilemma lies between opting for a classic or modern style, wineries are increasingly experimental and daring. Therefore, we can adapt the design to the image that the winemakers want to convey with a creative approach.


The classics

Many wine producers want to continue to present themselves in a vintage, traditional and classic style, with the aim of conveying elegance and high quality. For this, we can use hand typography, simple illustrations and letters created by stamping or gold foil. All these elements will make the bottle present a select and fine style.


The modern

If what we are looking for is to capture the attention of our consumers at a glance, it may be interesting to consider the option of a modern label. Graphic elements, abstract or asymmetrical shapes and contemporary typography will make your bottle stand out. As an unexpected concept, you can get wine lovers interested in a new product or renew their interest in a brand they already know.


Wine has a great cultural value that has given the bottles the status of cult object thanks to their label. For this reason, it becomes a key element of great power that can make a difference in the reputation and sales of the brand. In this context, illustration becomes a great ally, since it offers solutions for any need. If you are interested in our work and need an agency to design the label for your next flagship product, don’t hesitate to contact us!