Despite the abundance of information, the broad possibilities of working with content are not fully exploited. The problem lies in the lack of meaningful understanding of the actual mechanisms.


In this article we will analyze the rules without which it is impossible to develop a productive content plan. Before that, however, you need to start by understanding your content strategy.


What is a content plan and why should it be maintained?

A content plan is a list of certain topics, types of publications, sites where dates are indicated. There are several types of content: informative, entertainment, advertising. In addition, texts for e-mail newsletters can be included as part of advertising campaigns. A content plan should be maintained to prepare good quality content.


Why is SEO content so important?


SEO is about understanding what users are looking for and thus planning content that provides those specific answers.


But most importantly, you need to know how to search. Even the best content is useless if search engines can’t show it to your target audience. If you know how to write SEO content, what you will achieve is that the crawlers can do their job.


What you need is high quality content. Only SEO content creation feeds the search engines and at the same time satisfies the needs of your target audience.


The perfect SEO content strategy


Competition is fierce and you will definitely have to go beyond beginner content optimization techniques to earn your place in the top 10 search results.


Here are 7 expert tips to create the perfect SEO content plan:


  • Make a complete work plan
  • Think about your topics
  • Define the target audience
  • Find keywords that match users and their topics
  • Focus on simple keywords
  • Be careful with the quality of the content
  • Find the best rated publication and write better


Important features of a content plan


  • Good and effective communication with the audience. While blogging, you can keep track of titles and topics that will be of interest to you. Therefore, based on this information, for more activity and traffic, you can prepare a content plan for the next month.


  • It has an information advantage over other blogs. When you create a content plan, you should look at your competitors’ blogs, not just to steal ideas, but to make your blog interesting and successful.


  • Traffic growth. During planning, you will be a bit of an SEO specialist: you will have to select keywords, prescribe tags and also optimize materials. Of course, this will pay off, because the more carefully you solve all the nuances, the higher your articles will rank, respectively, people will see them more often and go to the site. In other words, good traffic is the key to a large number of potential customers.


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