e-Commerce is growing and will continue to do so until at least 2023

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eCommerce is a digital sector that has been propelled by the pandemic to grow like wildfire. In Spain alone, it has increased so much that 70% of the population already buys online, according to experts. In a previous post we already mentioned 20 tips to create the best eCommerce website, you can take a look at it to get started.
The companies that offer this product or service fight to attract customers to your business. The message to you, the customers, is clear: attract, convert, sell and retain.
It is usual to find websites created with platforms that provide the user with the creation of eCommerce independently. They provide them with the basic tools and functions they need. But as much as they offer templates and modules already predesigned and very functional, what they do not offer are maintenance plans. You can also see our development projects.
In this post we explain why it is convenient to hire an expert technical team in hosting maintenance for your e-commerce.

Fundamental aspects of eCommerce web maintenance


An online store is not just updated by adding new content. It requires technical skills to function properly 24/7. How? keeping files in order, correcting errors, updating databases, plugins, among others.


In the digital sector we are used to wanting everything quickly. That is why we configure it so that the loading speed of your website is as fast as possible. In devices such as mobile devices, it is necessary that the page is responsive, that is to say, that it adapts to all types of devices.

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We find the errors on your website, analyze them and repair them, as well as the broken links, also called blacklinks.


Websites are sometimes attacked by robots and/or hackers without remorse, either to steal your information or even that of your users. We take care of repairing, blocking and cleaning this type of attacks in the digital sector.

Good positioning

If you don’t appear in the first positions of the search engines, it’s as if you don’t exist. We position your domains through SEO with tools such as ADS Google and Sem Rush. We are experts in SEO positioning.

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It is your letter of introduction, the image of your online business, you know that the first impression cannot be changed. A good online store design will make the customer feel comfortable browsing and will create more probabilities of purchase.

Advantages of having eCommerce

Greater geographic reach, buying from anywhere in the world will broaden your horizons and increase your number of potential customers.

24/7 availability, no timetables, eCommerce does not sleep, your website will be active for your customers every day of the year.

Cost reduction, by not having a physical store you save on expenses such as rent, building permits, among others.

Payment methods, today have advanced a lot and become more convenient than a physical store.

Product testing is much easier with integrations with a good ERP management system and a solid CRM.

Loyalty, you can play more easily with customer data, promotions and mailings to build customer loyalty through discounts and bonuses.


Do you want to have the best eCommerce?

If you are thinking about creating or changing your online store, don’t wait any longer. We are experts in it and we will help you to boost your business in the digital sector. Are you ready?
Let’s get to it