A new year beginsAnd even though I like to think about new goals every day, we know that the beginning of the year gives you more strength and more desire to set new goals, whether you achieve them or not, from Several we want to give you our grain of sand so that this new year you will have new references in the digital world, that way you get out of the hours wasted on Instagram, Facebook or youtube (which can always be a good thing, but these are better distractions).

Here are some links to those daily pills that you will need throughout this new year to learn something new, reinforce what you have or improve it, let’s go there!

Don’t forget to think of each one as a possible networking tool 😁.


Courses in Spanish

  • Memrise: Web platform also with access from its applications for Android and iOS. It has a large number of courses, both language and other subjects, and allows you to set daily goals depending on the time you have to dedicate to the course. Depending on the time invested in each subject, you will earn more or less points to climb the course ranking.
  • Lingvist: Website to learn a language by learning statistically relevant words and phrases used daily around the world. It includes an algorithm that analyzes progress, finding out what we retain more easily and what things we tend to forget, and thus be more effective in teaching us by adapting to us.
  • Code.org: This is a portal where anyone can learn to program. They have courses to train teachers so that they can teach their students, and others so that the younger ones can learn by modifying and making their own versions of games such as Flappy Bird or Minecraft.
  • KeepCoding: This paid platform was born with the objective of being an online “training boutique”, focused on mobile development to train Full Stack Developers.
  • Metriplica: A complete web with which we will learn in Spanish all the secrets of web analytics.
  • Mooc.es: This platform will help us to search for MOOCs within the best learning platforms.
  • Aprendeaprogramar.com: A complete community in Spanish with several tutorials to learn how to program, and a forum divided into languages where you will receive help from the rest of the community.
  • Yo puedo programar: A page that offers two basic courses to help children get started in the world of programming.
  • Programando.lal: Another complete site where you can learn to program for free and in Spanish. It has a wide variety of topics, quite interesting articles to learn something new every day, and a good collection of videos.


Courses in English

  • Alison: A page where you can find some of the free online courses published by the best publishers in the world. There are even courses that will earn you a diploma or certificate. You can register for free access and track your progress to create your own student profile.
  • Lookmunk : It is the Google of online learning. This is a search engine in which you enter the name of the subject you want to learn about, and it shows you all the websites and mobile applications with courses and learning material on that subject.
  • Highbrow: A website that not only fulfills its training objective but also stands out for its good design and usabilityIt is a service that sends you daily e-mails proposing you 10-day mini-courses divided into 5-minute lessons each one so that you can do them regardless of the time you have. It also has a web platform with a catalog of dozens of courses on several different topics.
  • Chalk Street: This is another course platform with more than 60,000 lessons and two million minutes of learning. Although there are also paid courses, you will find a large number of free courses on technology, business or arts.
  • Peer 2 Peer University: The concept of P2P brought to learning. A page where we can share our knowledge and learn from the knowledge of others through a system similar to that of online courses.
  • Code School: It is a learning portal specially designed to help you learn to program… by programming. As you complete challenges you will earn points, and with them you will level up and be better positioned in the general ranking of the students. All this through various courses for multiple programming languages.
  • Wibit: A platform where you can find video tutorials to learn from scratch several types of programming languages, such as C, C++, Objective-C, ?# or Java.
  • Daily Bits Of: Another site that wants to help you learn things with small lessons that you can read quickly and anywhere. You choose a course on the topic you like the most, and every day you will receive short five-minute lessons on that course. You have all kinds of topics, from courses on specific subjects to those in which you can learn small curiosities every day.
  • Course Buffet: You know those flight and travel comparison sites? This is the same applied to online courses. You search for a subject you want to learn about and you will be able to see and compare the courses on that subject that have been published by some of the most important online course sites on the net.
  • CreativeLive: Photography, design, music, etcetera. This site offers you a careful selection of more than 1,500 courses to learn something new in any field.
  • Datamonkey: This website offers all kinds of courses to learn how to use Excel and SQL.
  • Lingualia: It is a site that mixes language learning and social networking concepts. It allows you to speak with native speakers so that they can teach you to understand and comprehend their native language.
  • Brain Pump: A mix between zapping and learning something new. It is a website that shows you random YouTube videos, all designed to help you learn something new. They can be educational talks, interviews, video tutorials or explanatory videos on different topics.
  • RhinoSpike: It will allow us to listen and collaborate in the creation of a word pronunciation database. But unlike the aforementioned, we will have up to 71 different languages with 37,061 users recording the pronunciation of words. Perfect to look up two single words you have doubts about, or to go a little deeper.
  • CoffeeStramp: Do you remember chatroulette? Well, this is basically the same but oriented to learn a specific language by speaking with native speakers. You register, indicate the language you want to learn and the site automatically links you to a person who can speak it so that you can practice by chatting. The website is in English, but if you know Spanish you can help others as a teacher.
  • CodeCombat: A site that takes gamification to the extreme to teach programming. It offers introductory lessons to different languages and concepts, all of them in RPG game format. Users enter code and see how what they write affects their game in real time.


Y….. for now this is all! Surely throughout 2019 we will discover more sites where to learn new things, generate more personal and professional motivation to our day to day and promote networking in our lives.