Here we bring you a series of tips on how to optimize the URLs and make them SEF(Search Engine Friendly URLs) of your website so that they are formed with the logic that the SERPs see.

  1. Describe the content of your page, it is essential.
  2. Use your target Keyword, or a semantic variant if you can do it without problems.
  3. Try not to use dates or numbers in the URL , unless it is indispensable. As for a 2018 Agenda.
  4. Do not include symbols or strange characters such as accents, “ç”, “ñ”.
  5. Do not use parametized URLs. Or at least, try to avoid it.
  6. Try to maximize Friendly URL’s (index.html, index.php, etc.) do not contribute anything to positioning, while “” does.
  7. Do not saturate your URL with keywords. Don’t do something like this: “”.
  8. Do not include words -or try to avoid- that have no value (known as Stopwords): “of”, “in”, “for”, etc. This does not influence positioning, but helps to create more useful addresses for your users.
  9. Hyphens are your ally in “-” URLs. For example for “Web design” use “diseno-paginas-web”.
  10. Try to follow a logical and readable URL pattern. This will help your users to find your content.
  11. Optimize the space of your URL, Less is more.


And these are just some of the factors to take into account, we will go deeper into other tips later, stay tuned!


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