Have you ever visited a website on your mobile that is clearly not optimized for these devices? Too small font, messy images and, when you try to click on a link, do you click on another one by mistake?

If you haven’t optimized your landing page for mobile devices yet, your customers are likely to feel the same frustration. Some studies show that 68.1% of web visits come from these devices, so you have a great opportunity to boost your business.


Before you start

The first step before optimizing your website is to fully understand your mobile audience and their metrics.

Your audience on mobile devices will likely have different demographics, values and behaviors, depending on the segment. Your first task will be to perfectly understand their needs in order to adapt the landing page to their interests. If you are already implementing an optimization, we recommend that you get into the habit of observing and studying your site’s metrics to look for new ways to improve.


Three ways to optimize your landing page

Now that you know your audience and metrics, it’s time to apply key tactics to optimize your landing page.

  1. Less is more

Mobile landing pages have less space to work with than their desktop counterparts. That’s why, when it comes to layout design, less is more. It is key to prioritize the most important content: it is very likely that you will not be able to put everything on the desktop website. But how do we know which content is the most important? Easy, make sure you include these three parts: main copy, a call-to-action button and the main graphic piece. One way to check usability is to insert your URL into Google Search Console’s Mobile-Friendly Test to do an optimization test.

One of the details to keep in mind when designing is that most people use only one hand to navigate on their mobile, so make sure your interactive elements are large enough and have safety space for easy navigation.


2. Every word counts

Since mobile landing pages offer less screen space than desktop landing pages, the text is also smaller. Therefore, you have to make every word count. Eliminate redundant words, shorten sentences, and choose words very well so that they are expressive and attractive.


3. Make speed your main goal

Visitors are extremely demanding on page loading speed, especially on mobile devices. 53% of users abandon the page if it takes more than three seconds to load.

There are countless techniques to prevent this from happening, but today we reveal three of them:

  • Clean your landing page of unnecessary content. As we have said before, less is more.
  • Optimize images by changing the size, file type or compressing them.
  • Turn your landing page into an AMP.


In short: adjust your page to its key parts, give them space in the design and make sure everything loads fast and perfectly.


If you think it would be better to outsource all this work, at Several we would love to take care of your website. Do we know each other?