Creating your own online business and becoming your own boss is a dream that many pursue. However, there is the possibility of not knowing where to start since there is a wide range of online business possibilities in the market.

Thanks to the internet you will be able to research and study the different types of business that will direct you to the starting point where to begin. This way you will know the necessary resources and where to invest your time, and you will be able to contact clients from all over the world without being physically present.

Online business ideas


Online business, dropshipping).

What is it?

It is an online business model that allows you to sell any product online without the need for stock.

You will be in charge of customer service, invoicing and product placement on the web. The wholesaler in the meantime stores your stock, packs it and ships it to you.

How to start?

  1. Computer with network connection required
  2. Identify what type of product you want to sell and if it is profitable (Check on
    google trends
  3. Identify the type of public you want to sell to (Target).

You also have at your disposal a well-known tool for all your doubts called the Internet. You can access guides on how to get started, strategies, advantages and disadvantages, among others.


Affiliate Programs

What is it?

Affiliate Marketing is about recommending products and services of others through your blog or online channel, when these are purchased thanks to you you will receive a commission. This online business method involves four agents:

Product creator

Affiliate platform

Content Producer


The commission depends on the company, for example with Spocket the commission is 15% and with GreenGeeks it is 40€ per sale.

How to start?

  1. Research and learn about current digital market trends
  2. Research marketing techniques and apply those best suited to the product or service.
  3. Determine a market niche and the sectors in which you want to operate.
  4. Choosing ideas that you can identify with and looking for trends will help you
  5. Research the different affiliate programs and choose the one that best suits you.
  6. Detail the type of product to be sold (structure the offer well, seasonality of the product, for example).


Creation of your own blog or website

What is it?

The blog is a web page where the author publishes content on a regular basis, where readers can interact by adding comments. It is one of the most effective and powerful digital marketing tools.

It differs from the web page by the type of content.
. Click on these clear examples:


How to start?


  1. Find a topic that motivates you (you will write periodically, so do not choose a topic you are not passionate about).
  2. Create your market niche and get to know it.
  3. Create an attractive design
  4. Write quality content, just because you have more words does not mean you will have more visits.
  5. Decide how many times you are going to publish per month and create your calendar (be consistent).
  6. Promote your blog in forums, social networks, among others.


  1. Define structure
  2. Define functions
  3. Do a keyword search
  4. Content creation
  5. Create a logo
  6. Research and choose a name for the domain name
  7. Recommended: pay for webhosting maintenance

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? o ¿
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Creation of virtual store

What is it?

Also called an online store, it is a website where the owners sell their products or services. This way you can reach customers all over the world, stay open 24/7, cost reduction compared to a physical one, among others.

In this online business 4 agents come into play:

  1. Digital platform
  2. Payment gateway
  3. Logistics
  4. Customer

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Digital MKT Specialist

marketing, mkt, digital marketing, digital marketing, digital mkt


RRSS Management

Social networks (RRSS)>

What is it?

As the name says, we can already understand what it refers to. It does not only involve uploading images, videos or infographics.

All of this must be published in a specific order, creating a publication plan for a specific audience. Being a community manager also implies the responsibility of supplying content in the different spaces that the company has. It is a professional who gives greater visibility to the company’s website.

How to start?

  1. Know your audience
  2. Create content on current topics
  3. Research the different SSR formats
  4. Be organized and/or create a calendar
  5. Care and work on the visual part
  6. Generate interaction with your followers
  7. Learn and take criticism into account

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Digital products

Ebook, infoproduct

What are they?

Also called info-products, they are those that are distributed through the network. This online business is dedicated to helping very specific customers (Buyer personas) in need. For you to understand, some examples are: ebooks, online courses, podcasts, among others.

How to start?

  1. Create a market niche
  2. Research the target audience
  3. Research the different formats of digital products
  4. Evaluate and investigate whether the idea is profitable.
  5. Create and develop the idea
  6. Study which platform is best suited to the product


App development

wireframing, prototype, app

What is it?

Who nowadays does not know what an application is? There are few people who have not heard of them or used them.

The (serious) definition is, a software application installable on mobile devices and tablets. Its use is usually professional or for leisure and entertainment.

There are different types of applications: news (
20 minutes
), games (
Candy Crush
), communication (
), second hand sales (
), for example.

How to start?

  1. Define functionality and overall look and feel design (Figma or Adobe Xd)
  2. Choose the platform for which we are going to design it (corporate or app stores).
  3. Research the following technologies to find out which one is best suited for you

Native | Hybrid | Hybrid/native UI | Generated


Web development

What is it?

Mainly it is creating and maintaining websites. This work provides the website with a clean appearance and fast performance, thus offering a better user experience. Different programming languages are used (HTML, CSS and JavaScript, for example), depending on the area to be worked on. Web development is divided into Frontend and Backend.

The developer Frontend deals with structure, design and interactivity using programming languages.


web development, frontend


The developer
deals with what you can’t see, in other words, all the logic that makes a web page work. What is on record and not seen:

  • Server hosting the web
  • Application to run it
  • Database

server, server, backend, web development

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Video creation and editing

Video editing

What is it?

It is the development by which an editor builds a video on the basis of several videos, photographs, titles and music or sounds.

How to start?

The steps to start editing are as follows:

  1. Record videos and choose the right ones
  2. Strategically cut and alternate camera changes
  3. Investigate which programs are best suited to your level of editing.
  4. Shy away from excessive effects
  5. Includes background music or sounds

In the
of our blog we show you some basic tools to get started in video editing.

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Patreon content creator

What is it?

First I explain what a content creator is. Also called Content Marketing, it is the professional in charge of creating quality material for the public in a digital environment.

It is usually part of an online marketing strategy.

Lastly, I will explain what Patreon is all about. It is a digital platform that provides content creators and artists to receive benefits through the creation and dissemination of their own content for their sponsors.

How to start?

  1. Research and read about the topics you are interested in.
  2. Write regularly
  3. Study your audience to find other opportunities
  4. Interact and share the content of others
  5. Create your KPI’s
  6. It is important that you have knowledge of SEO


What you need to create your own online business

When you want to create your own online business it is essential that you are clear about all the points we have mentioned. Study and understand them well to get a good structure for your brand strategy. It is the one that will make you have a unique identity and personality.

Your company’s identity

Brand identity is the group of particularities, beliefs and values that identify your online business and make it different from the rest (competition). This will include your history, work philosophy, standards, symbol and logo, naming, colors, for example. In conclusion, create a brand image.

History and philosophy

Online business, brand identity

This means that you have to define what your company does, how you do it and where you want to go. It is a very powerful tool that your employees (if you have or will have) will take into account.

Mission | Vision | Values

Corporate image

Do not confuse corporate image with corporate identity.

Corporate identity is a term that encompasses many factors.

The corporate image, also called brand image, includes the graphic and visual elements that identify your company. These are some of them.

Naming | Symbol and logotype | Slogan | Colors and typographies | Colors and typographies


Marketing plan

Digital Marketing, online business

The MKT plan is a document that will help you execute and meet your sales goals and create a steady inflow of customers to your online business.

You have to study and develop well all the points I mention below:


Market niche

Investigate competition (direct and indirect)

Define your product (Ranges and lines)

Define attributes and characteristics

Product design

Brand positioning

Life Cycle

Target and Buyer persona

Create a corporate manual

Defines objectives, strategies and actions

Study how to attract your target audience

Find out how to satisfy your customer

Inspects how to build customer loyalty

Analyze and detail your E-Commerce type

Create and register your domain

Design mock-ups

Create a SWOT


First of all, it is now essential to create and have a proper digital image. You will also make the customer not to get tired and be interested in your website. It is important to investigate the competition as we have already mentioned in other points. The factors and tips to take into account when creating your website are:

Good planning

Structure and design your website

Choose languages you control

Consider usability

Choosing the right communication method (RRSS)

Adapt your website to mobile and tablet

SEO and SEM positioning

Choose the hosting that best suits your website

Choose the type of CMS that best suits your online business

Includes a blog

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Finally, as you can see, creating a web page is a complicated procedure. You must have sufficient knowledge to do it. From

Digital Agency
we can take care of everything from the design of your website to its implementation, and we accompany you throughout the process.

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Connection with an ERP for your invoicing

What is an ERP?

An ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning System. It helps the control and management of the different departments of your company, and as a result achieve greater fluidity between them. It is simple to use , has competitive costs, secure system, easy to access on any device whether mobile or not (smartphone, tablet, computer…) and compatible with any operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android or iOS).

ERP, online business


Adaptable, to all screens and every need

It evolves, adapting to problems and creating new developments.

Functional, easy-to-use and practical ERP system

Scalability, grow in proportion to your business

Versatile, whether you are an SME or a large enterprise

Customizable, create and modify the different departmental Apps

Integral, collective database

One of the departments where an ERP can be incorporated is the billing department.
It helps to a better composition and integration between the company and the employee.

All finance users will work on this platform, without the need to resort to other platforms. With this, both the information and the execution of the different processes are recorded in the ERP in a centralized and unified manner, thus improving its fluidity.

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When we talk about CRM, we refer to the system that companies use to collect and study customer interactions and the data they produce.

In conclusion, this data is collected through the different channels (web, chat, chat, email, social networks and telephone). The data are purchase histories, concerns and preferences, for example.

There are three types:

Operational, automates sales, marketing and services.

Analytical, participates with sales, marketing and support managers in establishing the best solution to service customers.

Collaborative, distributes user information to the different departments of the company (technical team, marketing, sales, etc.).

The main tools of the CRM system are:

  • Analyze data and create MKT campaigns>
  • Location-based technology
  • Artificial intelligence!
  • Automates:

Marketing | Sales force | Contact center | Work flow | Work flow

  • Manages:

Potential customers : Human Resources (HR)


Online advertising

It is the group of strategies that you will use to publicize your product or service through digital media. Its main objective is to communicate to the world what you offer as a result to increase its consumption.

We will do it through social networks, internet, web, forums, among others. It is currently more widely used than offline advertising because of the potential reach it offers.

Above all, you have to take into account at this point the Branding, because it will depend on it whether or not you differ from the competition.

Online advertising, online business


In conclusion, if you have come this far you will have realized that you have to make an effort and have at least some basic skills to develop an online business. Not to discourage but this does not ensure that the online business plan is going to work out right from the start. When you launch the online store is when the hard work really begins.

Finally, if you do not see yourself capable of performing all the tasks, we are specialists in these sectors.Can we help you?