In marketing we tend to get obsessed with SEO and forget the importance of CTR, but remember if you are in the top three positions in Google and nobody clicks on your link, it won’t matter exactly where you are. Therein lies the importance of knowing how to optimize information correctly.


The Click Through Rate (CTR) is the percentage of clicks a link gets in relation to its number of impressions. In SEO terms, it would be the number of clicks obtained from your Google results.


The quickest way to know if the CTR of a search result is correct is through Google Search Console. The versatility of this tool will allow you to use filters and dig into your website’s traffic information.


Why is it so important to increase the CTR of your Google pages?


CTR is crucial to reach a certain level of quality for Google. What you need to do to have a good level of quality is to create relevance in the users who perform the search, through ads, keywords and website.


An ad that achieves a good CTR becomes more and more relevant to Google Ads, so it will be shown more times than another ad. On the other hand, in order for a user to click to your website, several factors influence, such as:


  • The position of the ad on Google’s search results page (SERP)


  • The optimization of the result on the page: An attractive title, a Rich snippet, a good meta description.


  • User behavior in the SERP and search intentionality


3 Tricks to increase the organic CTR of your website


In terms of positioning, the CTR will not depend on a single factor, but takes into account a series of main elements that, combined, will contribute to achieve better positions and obtain a greater number of clicks. We bring you some tricks that you should put into practice.


1.-Write an excellent SEO title


If your blog has a CMS or a content management system, you must have a section where you must define the main theme of your website, blog, post, among others. To increase the CTR you should pay special attention to the Title Tag, that is, the meta title that you set to appear in Google.


In WordPressthis title is different from the one you put as the H1 heading of your content, because it serves the function of stimulating the user to click on your page in Google, so it must be defined based on this objective.

Here you can see the WordPress section where you define the title that will be assigned to your page when it appears in Google, using the Yoast SEO plugin.


2.- Take care of your URLs


When a web page is created, the URL that appears in the results is automatically generated, but it is modifiable in most content managers.


To improve SEO and thus increase CTR, you need URLs that describe, in a few words, the main topic of the page content.


For example:


Diseño de etiquetas de vino


3.- Use Google’s data marker.


Within Google Search Console (tool to measure CTR) there is a section called “data marker” to help you highlight your results in the search engine.


It is necessary to configure it, although it is not complicated at all, just go to Google Search Console, click on “Search Aspect”, then “Data Marker” and follow the steps that the tool tells you.


This functionality is only available in the old version of Google Search Console, which you can continue to use normally.


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