When it comes to digital transformation, the key question that both large and small companies ask themselves is… where do I start the digital transformation of my company?

In today’s world of digital transformation, we are constantly changing. This forces companies to make a structural effort to adapt to it in order to be permanently connected and informed. Our society has moved into the digital age and has changed our way of life. As a result, new information and communication technologies are shaping our daily routine and the way we consume services.

Therefore, new technologies allow us to work from anywhere and at any time. With great flexibility for workers, optimizing their time and increasing their productivity. New technologies and social networks are now tools that are as important as the fax was.

There are few people who do not have an open profile on Facebook and even fewer companies that are not present on Linkedin. However, the number of companies that have outdated profiles is reasonably higher. Company profiles that have been abandoned or that are updated every so often have low visibility, and with today’s digitalization, the motto is no exception: renew or die.

On this path, companies cannot be left behind and are forced to redefine their business models. And adapt to new consumer needs. The digital transformation process is therefore not optional!

Both small and medium-sized companies are becoming aware of this, although the model with which they take the step is yet to be determined. In order to carry out the transformation, we need to follow a series of keys to successfully achieve our objective:

1 . Updating of digital communication:

Both small and large companies should, before starting any kind of transformation, obtain digital training. In this way, it could help them to assume this change. Likewise, the way of communicating, both internally and externally, must be updated. It should incorporate other means by which to reach potential and current customers. Social networks, a blog, or perhaps a banner in industry magazines may be key factors in the immediate future.

2. Individuals:

The people who make up our team play a key role in transformation and digitization. The possibility for organizations to share information with each other encourages the involvement of all participants in this process.


3. The cloud, the cloud:

Little by little our way of working is adapting to uploading our documents in the cloud. We are losing our fear of possible security breaches, making it an increasingly common and useful resource in our day-to-day work.


4. Big Data:

We all know that “information is power”. Therefore, Big Data is establishing itself as a key point to achieve success in the digital transformation of companies.
All these tools measure the information values you are interested in. How you translate them into practical and productive strategies for your company is up to you!


5. Global vision:

In the process of digital transformation of your company you have to incorporate a 360º vision, to have a broad vision. You have to be able to use all the existing mechanisms to reach your target: TV, web, WhatsApp, social networks…