Nowadays, real estate marketing has become a necessity for companies in the sector.

Thanks to new communication technologies, real estate companies can get closer to their potential audience, offer them specialized and quality content about the sector, about your city, the area where your projects are located or news of interest about the real estate sector. In addition, you get to know the potential client and build trust with personalized real estate marketing services.

Real estate marketing techniques have changed with globalization and new challenges have opened up. Technological improvements have allowed new behaviors to be generated on the network, what we know as online communication. No longer a single device is used and the cell phone is gaining prominence in the management. More and more potential buyers are searching for homes through apps. Companies must compete to gain the attention of users through the different social networks.

“The challenge for companies lies in knowing how to combine new online and offline media.”

Real estate marketing communication has to be complementary in order to address those who are immersed in the digital world (web, blog, search engines, email, RRSS) and those who still maintain a more traditional communication.

Given this paradigm shift in corporate communication, these are the advantages of applying digital marketing actions in strategic plans:

  1. Engagement. What it means to gain the attention of users. Since communication is bidirectional, both parties benefit. The user is offered the opportunity to participate, which empowers the brand. On the other hand, these user opinions and actions allow the company to get to know its customers better.
  2. Increased segmentation of the target audience. The speed and ease of new technologies help to personalize messages aimed at more specific audiences. In this way, the company can join forces to attract more attention, have greater control of the campaigns and obtain better results.
  3. Analysis metrics. Everything can be measured. Increasingly, companies are analyzing the vast amount of data they generate to make relevant and effective decisions, known as Big Data.
    Companies are big data driven, i.e. they are big data factories. They can make the most of all the information they are gradually gathering and generate higher profits.
  4. Constant optimization of campaigns. Real estate marketing actions make it possible to analyze campaigns in real time (results obtained, return on investment (ROI), benefits, etc.) and to improve everything that is necessary as soon as possible. The company saves money and time in its marketing strategies.

At Several we work on behalf of each of our clients. We enhance the advantages of real estate marketing in the business to differentiate our clients from the competition. We offer reliable strategic consulting, applying our digital marketing services in Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao.

If your real estate company or real estate developer needs a digital transformation and to renew its business strategy, we can help you with our real estate marketing services! Do not hesitate to write us and we will inform you of all the benefits of digital transformation and the profitability of your business.